Hello and welcome! My name is Kylie and I’m a blogger too…sort of. I’ve kept personal blogs on and off for years, because I love writing and I love the creative space that blogging brings. But I’m also a copyright lawyer. That’s where this blog comes in.

You see, from my years in and around the blogging space I noticed that the law – especially copyright – was something that most bloggers struggled with. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about what copyright means and what you can and can’t do with other people’s stuff. I want to try to take some of the confusion and scariness out of the law for all my fellow bloggers (that’s you!).

With this blog I provide short, punchy and easy-to-understand posts with legal information specifically tailored for bloggers. No legal mumbo jumbo. Just the most relevant information, in plain english.

Am I actually qualified to give you this information?

Absolutely. I have a degree in Law with Honours from the Queensland University of Technology (Q.U.T.) and a Masters in Law from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. I’m currently completing my PhD in – you guessed it – copyright law.

But I understand creatives too

I’ve worked a lot with creative people. I have a degree in Creative Writing from Q.U.T. and for the last few years I’ve sat on the Board of Youth Arts Queensland Inc. (which was unfortunately defunded in the recent round of funding cuts).

I’ve worked with the Arts Law Centre of Queensland (before it closed down) and for a short while I ran a clinic at Q.U.T. which connected legal professionals, students and people working in the arts and technology sectors to deliver free legal advice to the creative community.

So I understand the types of questions you have. I get it, I do. I’ve seen most of it before.


I really hope you find this blog useful. I love to hear from my readers and I welcome any suggestions for future blog posts. So shoot me an email if you feel so compelled – my deets are in the Contacts link.

Happy creating!